HB Driveway Reseal - H and b driveway reseal

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Terrible work and unprofessional behavior.I rented a house and the owner arranged for driveway work.

He went away and the work was performed by H and B. They were to be paid on the return of the homeowner. This nut shows up and spends a good 15 minutes at the door ranting and raving about not being paid for the work by ME!! They were paid by the owner two days later upon his return and he had to ask H and B to come apologize to me They spent lots of time apologizing to him.

He had to remind them they owed me the apology. Real gentlemen.

I suspect some major drug use based on the ranting they did when they were at my door!!!DO NOT HIRE

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They also left a giant hole in the driveway that they were "coming back later" to fix. They never did

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